1) What is the Vocal Academy?

The Vocal Academy is part of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VPAA) at Larkin High School.  Students learn a variety of different vocal music in the academy, as well as music theory, while still taking normal high school classes.

2) Who is allowed to audition for the Vocal Academy?

Anyone in 8th grade is allowed to audition!

3) Can I audition for the Vocal Academy if Larkin is not my home high school?

Yes!  Anyone at any U-46 school can audition for the Vocal Academy!  If Larkin is not your home school, and you are accepted into the academy, you will be bused to and from Larkin from your house.

4) How do I apply to be in the vocal academy?

You will need to submit two strong teacher recommendation letters, and an essay stating why you want to be in the vocal academy.  There is also an audition, and an interview (at the end of the audition).

5) What does the audition consist of?

The audition consists of three parts: 1) singing a prepared piece; 2) sight reading; and 3) tonal memory.  More information about this can be found by clicking the "Auditions" tab at the top of the page.

6) When and where are auditions?

Auditions take place at Larkin High School in the fall, usually November.  For more specific information on dates, please contact me or Larkin High School at 847-888-5200.

7) If I join the vocal academy, do I still take other classes?

Yes!  The wonderful thing about the academy at Larkin is that you get to do what you love (sing!), but you also take all of the regular classes anyone in high school would take.

8) How do I sign up for an audition?

Please contact Joanne Smith, VPAA secretary, at joannesmith@u-46.org, or at 847-888-5200 X5201.