The audition for the vocal academy consists of three parts: Singing a prepared piece of music, sight reading, and tonal memory.  More information about each of these parts is below.

1) Singing a prepared piece of music

Pick a piece of music that you feel will showcase your voice well.  You can use our recommendation, "Simple Gifts", or pick a piece of your own.

If you choose to sing "Simple Gifts", the sheet music is below.  You can also learn the song by listening to the recording provided.  If you have a higher voice, sing "Simple Gifts High".  If you have a lower voice, sing "Simple Gifts Low".  If you are unsure, you can try them both to see which one you prefer, or ask your music teacher for help.

If you choose to sing a song other than "Simple Gifts", you will need to bring the sheet music with you to your audition.

It is not required that your song is memorized, but it is more impressive if you do have it memorized!

Simple Gifts High.pdf Simple Gifts High.pdf
Size : 161.511 Kb
Type : pdf

Simple Gifts Melody-High.MP3

Simple Gifts Accomp-High.MP3

Simple Gifts Low.pdf Simple Gifts Low.pdf
Size : 161.237 Kb
Type : pdf

Simple Gifts Melody-Low.MP3

Simple Gifts Accomp-Low.MP3

2) Sight Reading

Sight reading is when you are given music you have never seen before, and sing it as accurately as you can without having practiced it.  There will be two 4-measure sight reading examples.  Some practice sight reading examples can be found on the "Practice Materials" page.  You are welcome to use solfege, numbers, note names, or any other system you would like for sight reading.

3) Tonal Memory

Tonal memory is when you hear notes being played on the piano, and you sing back what you hear.  There will be three short tonal memory examples.    Some practice tonal memory examples can be found on the "Practice Materials" page.